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The Simplest & Meaningful Proposal.

Satu sabtu pagi di bulan Mei 2016, kami menikmati kopi manggarai yang pekat. Seingat saya, kue dan kompiang sisa liburan harpitnas sudah habis. Kopi yang pekat itu terasa ringan, mungkin karena segala hal yang harus diselesaikan telah selesai. Kami memutuskan untuk bersama. Lalu semua terasa ringan dan dari semua kemungkinan itu,  hal yang saya tahu…

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Power & Love

Jerry wrote this beautiful lines on his birthday what is power? this might not be the oldest question in politics, but it is surely not the newest either. people may differ about it immensely, but everybody naturally, and instantly, knows when one exercises it in a given situation. for those who are far remotely placed…

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So, what love is?

On March 7, 2016 he mailed me something called “The long-awaited piece.” Here is the piece that I promised you. Hope you enjoy it. More importantly, you have something to meditate on. Sincerely yours, J LOVE “Though I command languages both human and angelic – if I speak without love, I am no more than…

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